Deep Tissue

This style of massage will compliment my therapeutic focus by providing muscle relaxation and release to deeper layers of muscle tissue. Unlike traditional deep tissue massage that requires greater pressure, I use muscle manipulation to accomplish the softening of muscle tissue allowing me to penetrate and release tension found in deeper muscle layers.

Fire Cupping

This service meshes well with my Zenergy style by detoxing the body, and it supplements my desired area of expertise as a vital diagnostic tool.

I use glass cups with the oxygen removed to create suction that breaks up fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscle and bone) and loosens muscle tissue. This will remove metabolic waste and improve fresh blood circulation to the body.


The use of bamboo sticks allows me to express a very Zen feel, while providing a service that is scarce in my projected business area. This unique style will enhance my abilities by covering broader areas and deeper tissue work in shorter timeframes.

Hot Stones

This is another Zen addition to my skill set that compliments my primary focus. It will allow me to perform more intensive work in less time by warming and softening muscles to reach deeper tissues. This procedure is a mix of placing and massaging with the warmed stones.

Chair Massage

This is a seated, fully clothed, massage that allows me to do quick and focused work on the shoulders, neck, back and arms. I maximize this form of massage with a blend of traditional and self-created techniques (Panda Paws) that is supplemented with the usage of bamboo sticks.