‎Nikki Montague‎ 
1 December 
I can't even thank you enough today!!! You are so good at your craft...I had the worst migraine yesterday, today I feel better than I have in a long time! I want to scream from the roof tops how good you are!!!!


​Bill Christiansen
November 18 
You are so amazing. Hot stones to loosen up Ashleigh Barton's back and shoulders. You are so amazing. Hot stones to loosen up Ashleigh Barton's back and shoulders‎

Jenn Ferguson‎ 
November 16
Love that he so great with kids and also is able to fit it on my schedule. I called him up since my daughter was not able to move her head and neck and I was scared so he gave her a message

Mark Smith

14 November 2016

I recieved a massage from Zenergy Massage for my left shoulder pain. The Deeptissue massage and shoulder mobilization I recieved completelty eliminated my pain and tightness. It was a great experiance. Highly recommend Zenergy.

‎Karmen Alexander-Baker‎
03 November 2016 
I received a cupping treatment and was amazed at the level of care I was given. While waiting for the cups to do their work, I was treated to an amazing arm and hand massage that put me right at ease. Afterward I could really tell how my body reacted to the treatment by how much water I craved afterward. I can't wait to get back in for another treatment. I have quite a few places that were dark. I hope with continued treatment to see my back eventually be a normal color. So excited for this kind of treatment to be available! Thanks Zenergy Therapeutic Massage!

‎Olga Beary‎
03 November 2016
I love ZTM!!! I have received the best care from them. The managers are exceptional. I do tri races and they have formed my massage therapies to help me prep for my races. Ever since my time results improved, I only go to ZTM! I love you guys and am looking forward to my appointment.

Brian gives the most wonderful massages and listens to your needs and concerns. ​

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